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Are reusables safe during COVID?2020-10-31T19:06:52+00:00

YES! Reusables are safe during COVID. Over 115 health experts have signed a statement addressing the safety of reusables during COVID. In fact, disposable plastic companies have used COVID to their advantage touting the safety of disposable, when in fact reusable is just as safe if contactless pours continue to be used. If the contactless pour is used in your reusable cup, this means only YOU touched your cup – who knows how many people touched the disposable cup in transit. Let’s not sacrifice our environment and our health during this pandemic.

Can I use your design and add my logo to it?2020-09-29T15:36:19+00:00

For sure, just let us know under the notes section of the form which design(s) you love and specify where you would like your logo to be and we’ll happily do it for you!

Can we ship back our unused or returned cups for free?2020-09-29T15:35:59+00:00

Yes, the Consignment option offers just this! You also won’t be charged until AFTER your event is over for the Consignment option. We only make our money after you make yours!

Do I HAVE TO give the option for event attendees to return the cup if they want?2020-09-29T15:35:37+00:00

You don’t have to, but we do suggest this. This happens <10% of the time and keeps event goers happy knowing they are given a choice. Returned cups can be easily cleaned and used in your next event! Or in case of Consignment, just send back to us all returned/unused cups and only pay for the ones that were kept.

Why do you suggest we Purchase or Consign more than 10% of what we need?2020-09-29T15:35:09+00:00

Just incase attendees lose or break cups. For Consignment, you can send back anything that is not used, broken or any cups returned by event attendees.

How do we communicate to our guests this is a no disposable event?2020-09-29T15:34:40+00:00

Awareness is KEY when working with SAVRcup: be sure to make it clear to attendees yours is a clean event, with NO DISPOSABLE CUPS AVAILABLE. This way attendees understand they have to keep their SAVRcup in order to get any kind of drink.

How should we charge event attendees?2020-09-29T15:34:05+00:00

We highly suggest to just include it in the ticket price and hand out as people come into the event. Second best option would be charging with their first drink purchase. You could also have a stand fully designated for SAVRcup or event staff at the entrance of the event, charging and handing out.

Can I sanitize the cups at my own event?2020-09-29T15:33:44+00:00

YES, and if you don’t have a nearby water source, we can send you a portable faucet so all you have to do is fill it up with sanitizing water and quickly rinse the used cup. This only takes 5 seconds (literally). We would send the faucet free of cost but it would need to be sent back to us with shipping on you or you could purchase from Amazon at a cheap price of $34.99. IMPORTANT: If you do use the same cup, please follow FDA standards and be sure nothing touches the lip or the inside of the cup (such as keg spout or liquor bottle).

What if an event attendee wants to switch drinks? Say they have a beer and want a vodka drink?2020-09-29T15:33:13+00:00

You can either give them a new SAVRcup and sanitize it later or send it back to us when the event is done (only) IF it is one of our designs.

What do you guys do with the returned cups?2020-09-29T15:32:48+00:00

Depending on the condition of the cup we will either sanitize it to FDA standards or melt it down to make new cups! SAVRcup takes pride on being a 100% sustainable company.

Can I make custom cups and then return the ones I don’t use?2020-09-29T15:32:28+00:00

Unfortunately no. In this case, we suggest you purchase the amount of custom SAVRcup you are CERTAIN you’ll sell and consign the rest – this way you can always return the consigned ones that weren’t used and only pay for the ones that were actually sold or kept.

What if I want to charge more than the suggested $3.50?2020-09-29T15:32:07+00:00

Go for it, but after an extensive pricing study, we believe amount is a financially viable option for everyone.

What if I sell SAVRcups, but still want to offer disposable ones?2020-09-29T15:31:44+00:00

Unfortunately whenever there is a disposable (and free option), most people will choose the disposable option. Not cool, right? So we highly suggest to ONLY have SAVRcups so you reduce waste while creating a clean event. This is also why we highly suggest to Purchase or Consign 10% more than the expected attendance.

Do I pay tax on the cup if I am a company, re-selling the cups?2020-09-29T15:31:21+00:00

Tax will be waived as long as you have an EIN number or Seller’s Permit to provide us.

Can SAVRcup vectorize our design?2020-09-29T15:30:59+00:00

Unfortunately we cannot, but you can check out www.fiverr.com for this! They can do it fairly cheap for you.

Can SAVRcup design my cup?2020-09-29T15:30:36+00:00

Yes, at a $200 charge.

Can I pick the color of my cups?2020-09-29T15:29:55+00:00

With Consignment and Outsource you will not pick out color of cup or design, instead you will get a variety pack of our amazing custom designed SAVRcups. With Purchase, you can pick up to three color cups. Make sure your cup color and ink color work well together. Light color cups work well with dark ink and visa versa.

Can I do multiple ink colors on my design? For example, I want my logo to be red and the rest of the design to be black.2020-09-04T15:02:15+00:00

Yes, we are doing a max of 2 ink colors as of now but prices do increase with the additional ink color. Choosing ink colors would only apply to the Purchase option.

How soon will I get the cups after I submit my order?2020-09-04T15:01:03+00:00

FOR PURCHASE: We review your order and send back for approval within 2-4 business days. After final approval on your end, we’ll have your SAVRcups ready for shipping in 5 business days plus another 5 days for shipping. So from placing your order, to receiving your SAVRcups and holders, you can receive in as little as 6 business days or as long as 15 business days (or more) depending on how quickly approval and shipping is completed. Let us know if you need your SAVRcups quicker than that, we can work with you!
FOR CONSIGN: Since we have inventory, you’ll be receiving them within 7 business days, just let us know how many you need! Best part: no payment needed at first, only after your event is done.

Can I purchase SAVRcup designs and then add my logo?2020-09-04T14:59:36+00:00

Yes, of course! Just let us know the one(s) you dig in the notes section when filling out the form.

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