10 simple ways you can be more eco-friendly in your day-to-day life

July 31, 2019

Last month we talked about the principles that guide our brand philosophy and the way we do business. While the SAVRprinciples are intended to be more meta, this article offers practical habit changes so you can incorporate some (or a lot) into your lifestyle.

1. Grocery Bags

This one is obvious but it’s so easy to forget the reusable bag time and time again. A pro tip is to keep the bag in your car, backpack or purse so you never have to actively remember to pack it. Another hack is to go sans bag altogether. If you’re only purchasing a handful of items, do you really need a bag? Chances are you’ll only carry the items a few steps to your car then drive home. Our wildlife and environment will thank you for refusing single-use shopping bags.

2. Veggies + Fruits

Avoid perpetuating the plastic our fruits and vegetables already come wrapped in by using reusable wax wrap rather than plastic wrap. Hit the farmers market to avoid buying foods wrapped in unnecessary plastic.

3. Cleaning Towels

Limit your use of paper towels and napkins by trying to use cleaning towels instead. Obviously, sometimes paper goods are necessary, but starting to be mindful of our use is a great first step!

4. Food Containers

A lot of our food comes packaged in plastic* and glass containers that we promptly throw out after we finish the food. How about extending the life of these containers by using them store leftovers and even use as tupperware for our work lunch? *Do your research before using second-hand plastic containers as this is a more complex matter.

5. Takeaway Cups

We love our coffee! But we shouldn’t love the throwaway cups (which usually aren’t recycled) the coffee usually comes in. Bring your own reusable cup and make a big difference!

6. Plastic Straws

Bars and cafes put plastic straws in every drink. Reduce plastic waste and protect wildlife by requesting your drink without a plastic straw, and bringing your own reusable alternative!

7. Recycle Recycle

Nowadays most cities and towns offer recycling. Take advantage and recycle your plastic, paper, glass and aluminum goods.

8. Buy Less

Shopping can be nice but not when we do in excess. Why not try to borrow, swap or shop at thrift and resale shops before we go on an online (or IRL) shopping spree?

9. Cleaning Products

Did you know that your home cleaning products have a major carbon footprint? The main culprit is the water in these products. The solution? Tablets that we mix at home with tap water. Brilliant! Let’s embrace this sustainable tablet revolution.

10. Soap

Swap out single-use plastic packaged shower and shave products for bars of soap. You can take it one step extra and purchase recycled soap!

We hope you’ll be inspired to live more greenly and adopt at least one of these tips into your routine!