Spotlight Community Series: CuffedUp

July 19, 2020

During these uncertain COVID-19 times, SAVRcup has decided to spotlight companies and initiatives within the eco-friendly/sustainable industry as a way to highlight the amazing work they are doing and to showcase why it’s essential that our world and lifestyles continue to move in a more eco-conscious direction.


Owner/Founder: Tram-Anh Le

What is CuffedUp?
We create sleeve styling accessories that are functional and fashionable. We want to help people redirect focus on making sustainable closets by creating new looks from what they already have (using our Cuffs and Covers) and consuming less fast fashion.

Where did this idea come from?
Maggie, our CEO, was working on a painting piece. Her smock sleeves kept dragging through paint, even when she rolled them! It was a little, annoying problem to solve, but it helped her realize a bigger issue. In general, the fashion industry does not cater to different body types. While plus-sized options are bringing range into retail, there is still a lack of customization in, say, sleeve length the way pant length options are there for men.

We realized women need more options to make their clothes work for them instead of trying to change their bodies to fit items made for an “ideal” body type. Style is more than what you see on the outside, but rather how you feel on the inside and how it can add to the experiences in your life!

Has the company had to change anything with the new environment and if so what?
In this new environment, we wanted to bring as much positive change as we could. We launched our Cover product and hired a local one-man sewing company to hand sew them. With people keeping their budgets tighter, we also wanted to give a way for people to express their personal style without having to consume as much clothing. The Covers are interchangeable on our Cuffs so customers can collect a few and then turn a basic wardrobe into something so versatile!

We also just partnered with the Love and Freedom Project to both hire women escaping domestic violence to sew our Covers as well and to be a recipient of 5% of our profits. Again, just trying to help employees within our community as much as possible.