Spotlight Community Series: Nadi Marketing

July 3, 2020

During these uncertain COVID-19 times, SAVRcup has decided to spotlight companies and initiatives within the eco-friendly/sustainable industry as a way to highlight the amazing work they are doing and to showcase why it’s essential that our world and lifestyles continue to move in a more eco-conscious direction.

Nadi Marketing

Owner/Founder: Erika Rodriguez

What is Nadi Marketing?
An eco-conscious marketing agency helping brands create a lasting impact.

What inspired you to create Nadi Marketing?
After being laid off in late February, I saw this as a sign to start something of my own. I’ve always wanted to represent companies that were mission-driven and be a solution to our changing climate. Two months later, I started Nadi Marketing. Nadi Marketing is an eco-conscious marketing agency, changing the way companies do marketing by planting the seed to be socially conscious and helping it grow. Our strategic and creative boutique marketing agency specializes in social impact strategies, strategic partnerships, and content creation. We aim to work and collaborate with mission-driven businesses to create lasting impact.

Our name, Nadi Marketing, comes from the warm and beautiful city of Nadi, Fiji. This city was a turning point for our founder, Erika Rodriguez. While in Nadi volunteering at an orphanage in mid-December 2012, Erika experienced first hand the destruction of a category four tropical cyclone. This near-death experience made her realize that the climate was changing and natural disasters were becoming more powerful. This experience turned into Erika wanting to be part of the solution for caring for our environment. By utilizing her marketing skills to help other companies and organizations, Erika started Nadi Marketing to pave the way for businesses to be environmentally conscious.

In your opinion, what do you think is the best-paid advertising route for small businesses to go to first who have smaller budgets after they have solidified a good social media presence? Facebook? Instagram? Display advertising? In order words, what can make the biggest impact with smaller budgets?
Facebook Ads and Google Ads are my top 2 choices for best-paid advertising routes for small businesses. With Facebook, your target audience can get as specific as needed with location, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections criteria. Also, Facebook has many options for ads that can fit any budget. For Google Ads, you’d place advertisements in the searches that are relevant to your products and/or services. Best known as pay-per-click marketing, small businesses would pay a small fee to Google every time somebody clicks on your ad. Also, Google does offer a free platform for small businesses that I recommend to all my clients to set up, this is called Google My Business.